How much does it cost to make PGTA happen? Funding possibilities for Indigenous Management Plans (PGTA) in Brazil

03/07/2023, 4:21 PM (updated on 03/09/2023, 1:13 PM) | Estimated reading time: 2 min
By Leila Saraiva, assessora política do Inesc

The Indigenous Management Plans (PGTA in Portuguese) are instruments built by the indigenous peoples of Brazil to guarantee their ways of existence and demand public policies. Elaborated collectively and in a unique way by each people, they synthesize the wishes and demands of the communities in areas such as territorial protection, income generation, education, food sovereignty, and governance. Because of their organicity and relevance, the Indigenous Management Plans have become the main instrument for implementing the National Policy for Territorial Management of Indigenous Lands (PNGATI), established in 2012.

In the context of the attack on indigenous territorial rights, however, both the Indigenous Management Plans and PNGATI have suffered from growing state underfunding. There is no mention of the Indigenous Management Plans in the Bolsonaro government’s budget plans, as the Inesc study shows. In addition, the Bolsonaro government has also hindered the arrival of international cooperation resources for the elaboration and implementation of the Indigenous Management Plans, as is the case of the Amazon Fund.

As another input to confront this situation and strengthen the territory-based solutions to confront climate change, Inesc launches the methodology of cost estimates of the Indigenous Management Plans, which aims to facilitate fundraising by indigenous communities that already have implemented Indigenous Management Plans, as well as encourage the search for public resources to ensure compliance with the constitutional duties of the Brazilian State to indigenous peoples. It also launches the document “Possibilities of funding sources”, with the objective of alerting to the importance of global and national commitment to the territorial management of indigenous lands.


How much does it cost to make PGTA happen? Funding possibilities for Indigenous Management Plans (PGTA) in Brazil


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