Budget and Rights
What makes up a country's budget? And what is it for? A budget can guarantee rights or violate them. We have developed…
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Children, Adolescents and Youth
What do children, adolescents and youth want in Brazil? They want to develop autonomy to pursue their rights. They want to access…
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Right to the City
Do you feel free to participate in and shape your city? This freedom is one of the most precious and at the…
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Race, Gender, and Ethnicity
Did you know that fighting poverty and inequality has everything to do with understanding gender, race, and ethnicity? Women, blacks, indigenous people…
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Political reform and democracy
How do you create a political system structured in popular sovereignty? Today we have a democracy without the voice of the people,…
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Socio-environment and the Amazon
Brazil has socio-environmental challenges fitting for the vastness and complexity of its territory. To guarantee the right to a healthy environment and…
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International Agenda
How do you influence the international development agenda to ensure the progressive realization of human rights, equality, justice, socio-environmental sustainability, and social…
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